Sunday, December 21, 2014

Research in our lab is a cooperative adventure!

We are proud to have graduated and worked with successful students and scientists in the past and foster ongoing collaborations in the present. For a summary from GoogleScholar, please visit here:

Below are the current members and the alumni of the lab:

Professor Mark E. Hauber, Principal Investigator

- 1996 BS in Organismal Biology/Biology summa cum laude, Yale University

- 2002 PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University

- 2010 DSc in Biological Sciences, University of Auckland

- 2011 MSc in Psychology with distinction, Victoria University of Wellington

- 2002-5 Miller postdoctoral research fellow, Integrative Biology/Psychology UC Berkeley

- 2003-9 faculty member (honorary lecturer/lecturer/senior lecturer/associate professor), School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland

- 2009- faculty member (associate professor/professor with tenure), Department of Psychology, Hunter College, and Doctoral Faculty in Biology and Psychology, Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)

- 2011-13 head of Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience doctoral subprogram; 2012 coordinator of the Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology Training Area/Psychology doctoral program, GC CUNY ; 2013 acting head of EEB/Biology doctoral subprogram, Graduate Center, CUNY

Research focus: avian recognition systems, animal behavior, bioacoustics, waterbird breeding and foraging ecology, conservation biology, neuroethology.

Beki Croston, PhD Student
PhD research: Egg Recognition in American Robins.
Ecology, Evolution and Behavior/Graduate Center-CUNY



Zachary Aidala, PhD Student
PhD research
- 2002-6: BS in Psychobiology, Binghamton University, SUNY
- 2006-7: Field Assistant, Binghamton University, SUNY
- 2007-9: MA in Psychology, Hunter College, CUNY
- 2009-present: PhD in Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, The Graduate Center, CUNY
- Research focus: Animal behavior, recognition systems, visual perception, avian host-parasite dynamics



HUNTER COLLEGE and Graduate Center, CUNY, New York:

  • Zak Aidala (PhD candidate, Biospychology/Hunter-GC CUNY): Recognition Systems and Visual Sensitivity in Birds.
  • Beki Croston (PhD candidate, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior/Hunter-GC CUNY): Egg Recognition in American Robins.
  • Andrew Fulmer (PhD research, Biopsychology/Hunter-GC CUNY): Cognitive Ontogeny of Cooperative Breeders.
  • Noah Burg (PhD research, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior/Hunter-GC CUNY): Genetic Consequences of Invasions by Brood Parasites.
  • Gini Wohl (Master's research, Hunter College): The Mechanics of Play Behavior in Lemurs.
  • Joey Chiera (Master's research, Hunter College): Shorebird Foraging Specialization during Migration.
  • Javier Alvarez (Master's research, Hunter College): Reproductive Performance and Environmental Toxins in New York City's Breeding Birds.
  • Lainga Tong (Neuroscience Honor's research, Hunter College): Physical Predictors of Egg Color Discrimination in Hosts of Brood Parasites.
  • Jessica Schwartz (Psychology Honor's research, Hunter College): Citizen Science: Egg Rejection Behavior of House Sparrows across the USA.

Former Graduate Student Lab Members (and their next step after graduation)

 - Anine Booth (2013 MA Thesis, Hunter College): Stress in Therapy Dogs using Behavioral and Physiological Assessments; Project coordinator, Queens Zoo.

 - Sam Marquand (2013 MA Theis, Hunter College): Invertebrate Diversity in Rural Streams following Storm Surges; Program director, Rocking the Boat.

 - Carol Henger (2011 MA Thesis, Hunter College): Parasite Recognition in Urban Red-winged Blackbirds; Animal technician, Bronx Zoo.

 - Amy Ryan (2011 MA Thesis, Hunter College): Social Cohesion and Group Composition in Captive Primates; Neuroscience PhD student, UMass Amherst.

 - Joseph Solomon (2011 MA thesis, Hunter College): Egg Coloration as Communication Signals in Kiwis; Molecular ecology technician, Columbia University.

 - Sarah Wallace (2010 MA thesis, Hunter College): House Sparrow Sociality and Vocalizations; Veterinary student, Perth, Australia.

- Gretchen Wagner (2010 MA thesis, Hunter College): Repeated Parasitism of Nests by Brown-headed Cowbirds; Ecology PhD student, University of Bern and Zurich/European Science Foundation.

- Coby Klein (2010 MA thesis, Hunter College): Winter Foraging Ecology of the American Black Duck; Biology PhD student, GC CUNY.

- Paul Curtin (2009 MA thesis, Hunter College): Mutual Gazing in Primates; Biospcyhology PhD student, GC CUNY.

Former Undergraduate Student Lab Members

- Azka Zafar (2011 Honor's thesis, Hunter College): Nutritional Contexts of Spider Foraging Tactics.

- Cristan Tornabene (2010 Honor's thesis, Hunter College): Human Impacts on Avian Schedules. 

- Eden Zernitsky (2009 independent research, Hunter College): Physiological Markers of Avian Ageing.

- Tsering Doelker (2009 independent research, Hunter College): Urban Avian Behavior Using Digital Data Collection.

Dress rehearsal for a field trip.

UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND, New Zealand (and their next step after graduation):

Dr Phil Battley (2007 postdoctoral fellow, University Auckland): Tracking Avian Migration; faculty member, Massey University.

Dr Sarah Withers (2013 PhD, University of Auckland with S Parsons): Behaviour and Song in Rifleman; teaching staff, University of Auckland.

Dr Gabriel Machovsky Capuska (2012 PhD, Massey University with D Raubenheimer): Foraging and Sensory Ecology of Australasian Gannets; postdoctoral researcher, University of Sydney.

Dr Todd Landers (2012 PhD, University of Auckland): Social and Spacing Behavior of Westland Petrels; research ecologist, Auckland Council.

Dr Jamie Mackay (2011 PhD, University of Auckland with M Clout): Island Invasion by House Mice; postdoctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania.

Prof Steffi Ismar (2011 PhD, University of Auckland): Foraging and Breeding Ecology of Australasian Gannets and Kermadec Seabirds; faculty member, Geomar/Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel.

Dr Luis Ortiz Catedral (2011 PhD, Massey University with D Brunton): Behavior and Disease Ecology of Parakeet Conservation in New Zealand; research associate, Darwin Research Station, Galapagos.

Dr Grant Ballard (2010 PhD, University of Auckland): Foraging and Breeding Ecology of Adelie Penguins; program director, PRBO Conservation Science.

Dr Michael Anderson (2009 PhD, Massey University with D Brunton): Parent-offspring Communication in Avian Hosts and Parasites; FRST postdoctoral fellow, University of Western Ontario and Massey University.

Dr Dana Campbell (2009 PhD University of Auckland): Species Recognition in Zebra Finches; postdoctoral fellow, University of Guelph.

Dr Matthew Rayner (2008 PhD University of Auckland with M Clout): Ecology and Conservation of Petrels; FRST postdoctoral fellow, NIWA New Zealand.

Justin Lock (2011 MSc 1st class Hons, University of Auckland): Life History Consequences of Avian Brood Parasitism and Predation; laboratory technician, Smithsonian Conservation Genetics Laboratory.

Shane Baylis (2010 MSc 1st class Hons, University of Auckland): Statistical Models of Avian Predation and Longevity. Research technician, University of Auckland.

Mark de Lisle (2010 MSc, University of Auckland): Longevity in New Zealand Birds.

Peter Morrison-Whittle (2010 MSc 2nd class Hons, University of Auckland): Sex Differences in Kakapo Plumage. biology PhD student, University of Auckland

Nora Leuschner (2008 MSc 2nd class Hons, University of Auckland): Enemy Recognition in Endemic Cuckoo Hosts; research technician, Auckland Council.

Jane Andrews (2007 MSc 1st class Hons with M Clout): Sex differences in Natal Dispersal by North Island Robins; community outreach worker, Waitakere City Council.

Claire Daniel (2007 MSc 1st class Hons University of Auckland): The Genetic Mating System of Australasian Gannets; biology PhD student, University of New South Wales.

Amali Thrimawithana (2010 BHons 1st class Hons University of Auckland, with A. Rodrigo): Genetic Consequences of Island Colonisation; biology MSc student, University of Auckland.

Rachael Shaw (2009 BSc 1st class Hons University of Auckland): Experimental Tests on the Evolution of Brood Parasitism; experimental psychology PhD student, Cambridge University.

Brani Igic (2009 BSc 1st class Hons University of Auckland): The Structural Basis of Cuckoo-host Egg Mimicry; zoology PhD student, Australian National University

Elisabeth Fraser (2009 BSc 1st class Hons University of Auckland): Foraging Ecology of Introduced Rosella; research technician, Auckland Regional Council.

Cheryl Miner-Williams/Kruk (2008 BSc 1st class Hons University of Auckland): Vocal Variation in Australasian Gannets; biology PhD student, University of Auckland.